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From the Principal’s desk

   Gurukulam Vidyashram, a school to show difference in the life of students wants to emphasise the Indian    values and deep love for our culture and tradition, there by ensuring holistic development and academic    excellence.

   While identifying the latest competence and the positive attributes in the children, as is the desire of the    CBSE, the school’s credo is to build a society with Indian values and Global vision.

   Let’s join hands together for the noble cause


Independence Day celebrations:

All the students felt proud to participate in Drawing and colouring competitions titled the national flag,
the national flower and the national bird. A wonderful dance drama based on a Hindi patriotic
song was performed by the students on the Independence Day. The young hearts’ incredible performance
delighted the viewers and created a patriotic commitment.


   Remembering Dr.Abdul Kalam
    The missile man Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, the eleventh President of India was remembered on 22nd July and     a mesmerizing dance was performed by our students in praise of the great man. The day was marked as     beginning of Internal Competitions when all the students participated with zeal and enthusiasm.





Teaching doesn’t stop with textbooks, black boards and examination. Leaning in school becomes interesting with fun filled activities. All the students were involved in different activities based on the subject and they learnt many concepts in no time. Leaning by doing boosted their confidence and they wanted to learn more.

Internal competitions

Competitions are conducted to encourage the competitive spirit among the competitors. It helps the students to gain confidence in speaking, thinking and also in expressing their views. Moreover, they come out of their shell and become bold. Added to that the failure teaches them tom improve further. Students here participated in Fancy dress, English . Tamil and sloka recitation, Quiz and drawing. The enthusiasm shown by students and parents is praise worthy.

Minor games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, thus to start with, simple games were taught which would help them to play individually in pairs and also in groups to strengthen team spirit,. As a part of Physical activity the students were taught dodge ball, catching techniques, hoops hurdle, dribbling the ball etc. They enjoyed and learnt to play organized games too.

The beginning of the day starts with assembly every day. All the students gather with their respective class teachers and sing the prayer song followed by new pledge. Subsequently we have thought for the day, speech on important days, Math tables recitation and birthday greetings if any. National anthem is sung after the instructions given by the Principal.

Periodic assessment is conducted three times a term for 25 marks which includes two units in each subject. Marks are allotted for enrichment activities and maintenance of notebooks too. Consequently half yearly examination is conducted to test the students in full portion for 80 marks. Besides this the students are graded for extra- curricular activities also. Thus the system enhances the overall development of the students.





Observing important days
In order to make the students aware of the significance of the important days, they are encouraged to speak, recite or sing on those days highlighting the importance of the day. Such activities not only keep them updated about the important days but also boost their confidence and eschew inhibition.

Dance classes
Dancing is a great activity to pursue at almost any age provided you are in proper health to handle the rigors of dancing for life. As a part of Art-Education dance is taught to the students and they are encouraged to participate in various programme. Apart from this a special dance class is arranged for the students to learn after the school hours.

Work education

Teaching doesn’t stop with learning the lessons and taking up examinations. Students must know to arrange the books in their bags, have their lunch properly, tie the lace of their shoes and so on. Such activities come in work education for which grade is given accordingly.

Vaakdevi Homam

Every year a special pooja is performed to Goddess Saraswathi for the well being of the students. This year too it was performed in a grand manner and high achievers of Std X and XII were honoured with scholarship. The teachers who produced good results were also recognized. It encouraged both the students and the teachers to perform well further. Subsequently, the other students and teachers get motivated to perform well to get recognition .

Reasoning and GK
To crack any competitive examination one should be strong in reasoning. Hence the students are exposed to test papers with reasoning questions to assess and develop their structured thinking.

Colour day
Colour plays an important role in the world in which we live. It can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. When used in the right ways, colour can even save on energy consumption .Our colour day started with Green to emphasize the importance of GREEN earth. All the students and teachers wore the attire, brought green snacks and lunch, learnt a lot about green colour before leaving in the evening.
Hindi Classes
Though the medium of teaching is English the students here learn Tamil as II Language and Hindi as III Language. Along with consonants and vowels the students learn the words and simple sentences also. They show tremendous interest in learning Hindi words and Hindi poems.

Upcoming Mega events :
Pongal celebrations
Annual sports day
Annual day