When nature accepts its species as they are why can’t we humans do the same. Let’s nor force and change our children to fulfill our own ambitions. “Comparing our child with cousins, friends and neighbours will only demotivate the child. Allow the child to bloom in his own style and just support him/her periodically. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.


‘You can’t win unless you learn how to lose’

Sports are conducted for the students to make them understand the fact of losing and winning. Our students participated enthusiastically in many indoor and outdoor games and bagged gold , silver and bronze medals. They were honoured by our Chief Guest Shri. Dr. Sumanth C.Raman. The physical display was an eye catching event for which the Gvians received a thunderous applause from our spectators.



Kindness to animals

The annual feature of any school is the Annual day. Gvians staged a wonderful show enthralling the audience on 1st February 2019. The Animal kingdom not only entertained the viewers but also made them think about the existing eco system. Every living being born in this world  has the right to live here happily. Let us recognize the importance of wildlife and ensure that nature will be around for future generation too. We thank our Chief Guest Smt. Dr. Sudha Seshayyan who graced the occasion.


Pongal O’ Pongal

A mini village celebrating Pongal in the campus attracted many villagers of Tambaram. The sweet, delicious pongal was prepared by various groups unanimously. The Tamil Nadu folk dances, with different costumes, the colourful rangolies, bullock cart, happy people and sweet stall made the atmosphere richer and surreal. The presence of the Chief Guest Prof.S.R.S.Vardhan added more joy and enhanced the celebration.


Freedom in our minds

Faith in our words

Memories in our hearts

And Bharath in our souls.

The 70th republic day was celebrated on 26th January 2019 with the right blend of nationalism and a whole lot of patriotism. The patriotic song in Hindi filled the environment with serenity and the conversation about the importance of the day was an eye-opener for everyone.



Competition is a rude yet effective motivation

Competitions demonstrate determination, creativity and perseverance to overcome challenges. Winners get encouragement and losers learn to perform well. Elocution, Dance, Matching the objects, Rhymes, Thirukkural, Speech and Essay writing were the competitions conducted in II term and all the students participated with a competitive spirit.


Children are the image of GOD!

To commemorate the birthday of Chacha Nehru , his birthday is celebrated on 14th November  every year as Children’s day. It was a no bag day for students. Students dressed up in different attire and performed dances of their style for a common song. Some of them dressed up as Nehru and spoke about him. They drew many pictures and coloured them.


Food is the nourishment of soul and body

Packing a Nutritious dabba lunch is an art. One may cook well but how does he/she pack the lunch so that the child doesn’t skip it is a challenge. A competition for parents was conducted where in 90% of them participated. Students were happy to see their parents competing and getting prize. Everyone of them prepared delicious healthy food and exhibited them well too. Congratulations parents!!!

Colours are the smiles of Nature!

Life is full of colours and each colour is important in one way or the other. The colour of fire and blood RED is associated with energy, strength, power and soon. It enchases human metabolism, increases respiration rate and raises blood pressure. Students & teachers were in Red attire, exchanged thoughts about Red and many ate red colour food too. It was a RED LETTER day indeed.



Be the light that helps others see

Diwali is a festival of lights. Our students prepared colourful diyas of different designs and coloured them before Diwali. It gave them a great joy to colour them and provided a chance to show their creativity. They presented the same to their mother before Diwali festival.



Working together for a common purpose teaches children that their contribution is important which is perfect for the collaboration nature of arts. Gvians together learnt an English song ‘It’s a small world after all” and sang during the New year day celebration in assembly. Besides this, they learnt a Hindi song and participated in group discussion too.


Certain things can be learnt only through hands on experience. It gives children pleasure to prepare something by themselves and decorate their drawing room. As a part of work experience the students learnt to prepare photo frame with waste paper sheets. They made wealth from waste by adding colours to it.


Life is all about  evolution

It is a distinct curricular area for providing children with opportunities for participation in social and economic activities inside and outside the classroom. It helps them to develop skills, proper attitude and values. As a self help activity the students were taught to tie the shoe lace, fold their clothing properly, arrange the desk and keep the classroom and surrounding clean.


Life is more fun if you play games!

The variety of structured form of play like Ludo, Carrom, Chess, etc.not only keep the child engaged but also develop social skills. It gives them confidence to interact with others. Knowingly or unknowingly children learn to calculate, reason out and other nuances of gaming that may help them in understanding the mathematical problems too.



Our primary kids prepared various Science models pertaining to their lessons and explained confidently on November 10, 2018 to all the viewers. It was purely a ‘Wealth from Waste’ and eco friendly projects. They could exhibit their inherent talents and understand the Science concepts very well.


 Learning by doing!

As a part of homework, The students were asked to prepare some paper planes, boats, kite, etc., using sheets of paper. To our surprise all the students brought different paper materials and were able to explain how it was done. Such activities help the children to be creative artistic and also improves their concentration.


Rhyme and rhythm!

Rhymes can teach children critical verbal skills, such as repetition and rhythm, that facilitate language development. Everyday students of pre-primary recite the rhymes together after the prayer and prepare themselves for the day. English, Tamil & Hindi rhymes recited by the tiny tots produce a positive vibration in the school atmosphere.


Scientists remembered!

To mark the discovery of the Raman effect by our scientist Sir.C.V.Raman for which he won the Nobel prize a special programme was organized by our students. They highlighted the contributions of our Indian Scientists Sir.C.V.Raman, Aryabhatta, J.C.Bose, Homibhaba, S.Chandrasekar, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, C.P.Ramanujam, H.G.Khorana. The students felt proud to enact as the scientists and aspired to become one.


Learning to prepare!

The purpose of conducting Model Examination is to help students evaluate their progress in preparing for the Annual Examination. They learn to plan the timing, preparation, strategy, practice the pattern and the syllabus too. Our students took up the Model Examination very seriously and it helped them to prepare well for the Annual Examination too.