Secretary Message

It is that time of the year when you pause and take stock of the achievements of the last 365 days. The goal is set out in the start of the year and has been achieved and even exceeded in many fields. Awards and distinctions are a pleasant reminder of the standard of teaching and more importantly this ability and abundant talent of our student community. It is reassuring to recollect their good deeds done through the year with a sense of satisfaction and more important to gather strength from the achievements and move ahead.

Education imparted at Valluvar Gurukulam Schools is a judicious blend of theory and practice that covers our comprehensive curriculum.

It is satisfying to see the achievements of the institution, both in academics and other activities like sports, arts, administrative process, staff welfare programs and parent teacher relations.

The majority of our students are first generation learners and this makes our achievement all the more significant.

We recall with gratitude, the encouragement, support and guidance from our parent community, students, teachers and our well wishers and donors.

There is a great saying �Real education fetches you more than a job�. It teaches you to live well.


  • Measures will be taken to train the pupils to

    Speak with confidence, Respect their elders, Be friendly with all....

  • Activity

    Dedicated and efficient teachers who are all straining their nerves to BETTER THE BEST

  • Vision Statement

    We envision a beautiful world after a decade in which every child, regardless of background becomes a healthy, productive and friendly adult

Secretary Desk

It is that time of the year when you pause and take stock of the achievements of the last 365 days.... more info.

Principal Desk

There is a well-managed system of active academic interaction between the teachers and the students.....more info

  • Valluvar gurukulam Elementry

    Valluvar Gurukulam was started in 1940 with a view to educating refugee children from Burma. Since then Valluvar Gurukulam has followed an enduring tradition of proving high quality education to the underprivileged

  • Valluvar Gurukulam Hr. Sec. School

    The school has grown in strength with increasing number of students and facilities so much so that now the group of schools has over 3000 students in its campus

  • Gurukulam Matric School

    Our School started in the year 1996 with 20 students upgraded to Higher Secondary School in the year 2010 - 2011